NEW NOVEL: 100 and 5.3 Pounds

Ready to Read :  100 and 5.3 Pounds.

My new contemporary women’s fiction novel — I love it !

100  and 5.3

What happens when the daughter of a Hollywood astrologer and an over-weight civil servant discovers she’s pregnant?  It depends on the last will and testament of a famed New York painter.

In 100 and 3.5 Pounds, a family moves farther apart geographically while getting closer emotionally.  “You’re never alone” is the theme of the novel, with twists such as a bachelorette party turning into a baby shower and assisted living turning into assisted suicide.

100 and 5.3 Pounds shows 4 generations searching for love.  They find it while calling 911, knocking before opening the door, sharing a poodle, flying cross-country, telling the hard truth, and finally, while being present at the start and the end.



Not everyone likes poetry.  But if you do, or if you want to give it a try, take a look at my collection CHILDREN OF EVE.


The poems in CHILDREN OF EVE range from edgy to funny to angry, always sexy and beautiful.  One poem is in pentameter and the next is rap lyrics, and then the next is a haiku or a rant with word play.  It doesn’t matter if you know the form — you’ll get it, you’ll like it, you’ll understand.

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hogan cover2 - CopieMy new children’s book HOGAN THE HORSE BEDTIME TALES contains 15 stories and drawings of Hogan, the horse with orange wings.  He takes Drew on adventures, like dancing on Broadway, flying a kite in Florida, singing on the subway, meeting seahorses, and calming dragons.  While you read the stories, you can share the book’s songs with your kids too.

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Here’s a sample from my novel THE LONG WAY HOME:Long Way Home cover

            D’Ross took a deep breath like he was going to jump feet first into a pond of cold water.  Then he said, “That’s when I took her on my horse and we… “   Here the heavy boy fluttered his meaty hand in the air.  “You know… we…”  There was the flutter again.  “Back in the woods.”

            Turkey listened to the gasps go through the room.  “Are you telling me, that Verna Ware, the very first time she ever met you, spent intimate time with you?  Is that what you are unable to say, when you do this?”  The lawyer fluttered his own hand in the air, a touch a drama he liked.

            D’Ross answered, “Yep.”  He was starting to enjoy being the center of all the hub-bub and whispers.  “And Abe too.”

            Turkey spun around with his mouth open to look at the pretty young lady standing between her father and her brother at the back of the courtroom, and he asked, “Did you say Abe Finney also had relations with Verna Ware?  That same day?”

            Not a person in the jury was breathing, waiting for the paunchy young man to answer.  D’Ross started to smile and flutter his hand, thinking that would make everyone laugh again.   And then his body jerked right.  A loud crack sounded, filling the air with a roar and smoke, and D’Ross fell out of the witness chair.  The sound repeated, just as loud, louder, and everyone was jumping up or flattening out on the floor.


THE LONG WAY HOME is book-club women’s fiction about the first paternity suit filed in frontier Texas in 1908.  A father ends up in court, with a judgment as independent as the Wild West, affecting 4 generations of the Ware family.  The themes of gun ownership and women’s choice are central to the story.

If you haven’t read my work yet, all six books are now avaiable through Nook with Barnes & Noble, as well as on Amazon.  Curl up indoors on a cool evening, and start with THE LONG WAY HOME.

I’ll connect you to my other 5 books in the coming weeks.  For now, enjoy THE LONG WAY HOME.

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