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Detective Frank “Pink” Bettman is the hardboiled head of Major Crimes in Cowtown …. that’s Fort Worth, Texas, where “Home on the Range” is the favorite song, the sidewalk is worn thin by cowboy boots, and each Mercedes is matched by a pick-up truck. Pink has an opinion about everything from owning a dog to the best enchilada in town. Better than that, he has a knack for solving murders, and it’s a good thing because he comes face to face with six corpses, some bloody, some decayed, all of ’em needing Pink to figure out who-dun-it. Grit and suspense are a good combination when a Texas accent is added into the mix. Detective Bettman’s winning, wry personality makes COWTOWN CRIME a page-turner.

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When you have to have more of Detective Pink Bettman, volume 2 is waiting for you — COWTOWN CORPSE !

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Announcing my new novel !!


belt 10 (6)

In this follow-up to COWTOWN CRIME, Pink picks up the scent of dead bodies. Other stinkers show up on the scene too, making it a busy season for a modern western hero. Ride the twists and turns of Pink’s investigations to see if the bad guys get what they deserve in COWTOWN CORPSE.

Organized crime, professional baseball, and a gay bathhouse… what more does Detective Frank “Pink” Bettman need to keep him busy in COWTOWN CORPSE! You’ll laugh when you read Pink’s Texas twang, except when you’re holding your breath to find out if he catches the killers.



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The outlandish, the perverted, and the unacceptable continue, along with general destruction, greed, and egotism. These have become normal, so normal, so much the regular daily fare, that I am exhausted by it, numb from it, and impotent against it.

How long can one rail against something terrible until the quotidian quality of it overpowers resistance? Not forever. Donald trump is such a terror, him and his colleagues and supporters.

24% of Americans purportedly backed trump during the last election. The ratio remains steady. Less than one out of four. This percentage has been the same for centuries. In other words, less than a quarter of the population, whenever and wherever, has been in favor of limiting the power of other people, has been in favor of eliminating cooperation, has been in favor of undermining the self-respect and liberty of entire religions, races, and genders – all in order to aggrandize themselves.

Some people say that the 24% believe as they do because of fear, fear of losing their position or their property. I do not agree.

Two distinct groups endorse the megalomania in the current White House: the rich and the undereducated. Both groups seem to be motived not by fear, but by greed and by the desire to glorify themselves.

Psychologists say a need to magnify oneself by degrading others is due to an unconscious sense of inferiority. Again, I do not agree. Such perversity and intolerance, such cruelty and selfishness are characteristics that have always existed in the human population. There is no need for explanation or excuses. We have generations of literature to prove the 24% is not a new phenomenon.

Problems arise because authoritarians, though consistent in their minority percentage, they periodically rise to control by some fluke of circumstance or manipulation, by some lie or slyness. Once in control, this group tenaciously holds onto power, never satisfied, always demanding more.

And so, here we are, with history repeating itself. The 24% has its heels dug in. Are we others able to counter the minority? Today, I am not optimistic, and as proof, the days of the White House regime continue.

The rise of the 24% is spreading. The rich and racist right is making advances in several countries. The only saving grace in these governments is they are not led by a demented narcissist. That does not mean, however, they are not dangerous, merely less dangerously unpredictable than the pretender in Washington.


       July 16 and 17, 1942, the French watched as their neighbors were rounded up in the Winter Velodrome in Paris to be deported to death camps. They accepted the government’s action, sending off 9037 Jewish adults and 4115 Jewish children to die. In total, 28,000 Jews were sent away during WWII by Prime Minister Pierre Laval’s regime in France. He was placed in power by a foreign country in order to carry out hateful policies, and he and his administration did the job well, applauded by many in the general population.

       Finally, that leader was replaced by a government where France’s claims of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” were restored, and in the 21st century, “Rafle du Vél’ d’Hiv’” is recognized by the French and the world as a political atrocity against a religious group.

        The reversal of Laval’s administration, of course, did not bring back the dead. Other national scars remain as well. But this era in France gives me a glimmer of hope that people in the United States, in the years to come, will rally against the regime of hatred which reigns in the halls of Washington and in the homes and hearts of many Americans, to see the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution embraced again.


Fox Commentator:

Mr. President, do you think your son’s actions with the Russians are treasonous?


Junior was just trying to help his dad. Nothing wrong with that. He used a few of his connections. That’s the American way, right? Not Treason. No treason here.

It’s not like he’s a spy or something. He was just doing what had to be done. Treason’s something foreigners do, people not born here, like Obama. That’s where you should look for treason, at people like him.

Anyway, my son, he’s a good boy, and he didn’t get anything on stupid Hillary the American people didn’t need to know. They should know these things, and he wouldn’t have to call up his friends or whoever if American news reporters would do their job, instead of always putting out fake news.

My boy did nothing compared to what Hillary did. I wouldn’t grab her pussy, she’s so old. Why doesn’t she get some face work done. Then she wouldn’t be so ugly and maybe Clinton would want her. No one wants her. She’s a loser. Tell her to go on a diet. You agree with me, right? She’s the one who betrayed this great country. Let’s put her in jail. Her and Obama both. That’s where they belong. That’s where the treason is. Cover that story. That’s the real story.

Donny didn’t think he was breaking any law. It was no big deal. It was nothing. Besides the law is wrong. Let’s change the law. What’s wrong with getting some help from your friends and allies. We should do that more often. What are friends for if they can’t help you? The Russians are on our side, you know. We all want the same thing.

Fox commentator:

So you don’t agree with people who are saying you’re letting your son take the rap for you in Russia-gate, letting him be the fall guy and scapegoat, sending him down the river to save your own skin?


I understand that Fox’s license is coming up for renewal soon. I bet it’s a bad thing for a t.v. station to lose its license. You better have your facts straight before you say things that might get you in trouble. Just saying.


Morning Dog Walk

It was a simple moment: two dog-lovers talking happily in the sun as their animals chased each other at the edge of the forest.

To make chit-chat, I said, “There’s less trash than usual.” Often in the early mornings, the public trash receptacles are over-flowing from evening picnickers, before the garbage trucks come to clean up. It’s an issue because my dog is a trash-lover.

He replied, “Yes. There must not have been any Arabs around.”

I metaphorically shook my ears to see if my hearing was working.

He continued, “They’re different from us. They’ve got no regard for cleanliness. I’ve seen their fat women toss trash on the ground without paying any attention.”

I wanted to crush the “us/them” perspective and countered as best as my stunned brain could, “No. It’s all people. We can all be litter-bugs when we forget to pay attention.”

He waved aside my comment and kept talking as if he were right instead of racist.

Later I thought of what I wished I had said:

“I disagree. The Arabs I know are clean, smart, and respectful.”

Or, “I try not to make stereotypical statements like that about groups of people.”

Or, “I remember littering myself on occasion. Does that make me an Arab?”

Or, “Shut up if you can’t say something intelligent.”

As for me, I took note of and eliminated a stereotype of mine: that dog-owners are better than the general population.

Of course, any name of any group that serves as the scapegoat of the moment could replace the word “Arab” in the man’s racist comments.

And of course, nothing I said could have changed the hard heart and small mind of this man who was willing to condemn an entire population because of a cup left on the ground next to a garbage can by some unknown individual.



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