My Tax Dollars


Politicians want to prohibit tax dollars from paying for certain items, so I present my list of things I do not want to pay for.

I do NOT want my tax dollars to pay for:

  1. Retirement for senators and representatives, at the national or state level
  2. Governmental time and energy to interfere with the private, sex, or medical life of citizens
  3. Politicians’ cars, homes, entertainment and travel expenses, employees or protection
  4. Corporate subsidy
  5. War and military support
  6. Environmental destruction

 I want my tax money to pay for politicians’ salary to do an honest day’s work, to give aide to those in need, to support an infrastructure for my nation, to enhance our environment for health, the arts, and well-educated children.

To paraphrase Martin Luther King, it is a dream.  And to quote John Lennon, “Imagine.”


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