Physicists Be Warned



There must be 2 communication systems coming out of the U.S. 

I read and listen to the system that portrays the Republican candidate Donald Trump as a deranged narcissist, ready to murder his opponents for the sake of publicity.

I hear his rants, and I see his flushed red face full of rage.  I get clips of him urging whites to fear blacks, of Americans to fear outsiders, of residents to fear refugees.  I see photos of his wife posing nude, his wife who came from a foreign country, while he demands all foreigners be excluded from the USA. 

I read the text of his illogical speeches, which sound like an illiterate adolescent is speaking.  These speeches ignore the basic rights of humans that Thomas Jefferson established for the USA.  It is as if he has never heard of the Constitution.   His speeches are Hitleresque, denigrating anyone who is not a healthy white male.  And if a healthy white male does not like him, he denigrates that person as well.

My sources point out that Trump cheats on his taxes, that he has been bankrupt numerous times, that he lies about his charity contributions, that he has close ties to Putin, that he has tendencies toward pedophilia, and of course that he has not been true to any of his 3 wives.

Then there are people who love this candidate.  They say he speaks the truth.  They assert that he is a straight shooter who will turn the country around and make it great again.

These followers believe that Trump loves America, that he will protect its citizens, that he knows how to create jobs and prosperity for the USA.  They think that he relates to the little people, the people who work 40 hours a week at minimum-wage jobs, that he speaks for them.  They like his pretty wife. 

I don’t understand where they get their information.  It seems to me that anyone who hears what I hear would be panicked that this uneducated, power-hungry buffoon could be the President of the United States, with the power to make national decisions and to conduct business and/or war internationally.

But they are certain of their perspectives.  Just as I am certain of mine. 

It is the most bizarre dichotomy I have ever experienced.  Physicists should study this moment in history, because it seems the United States of America is experiencing 2 simultaneous alternate universes.  We wait to see which will prove to be our future reality.  Or, maybe, there are other possible universes and choices.

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