Just over a week before the electronic coup d’état in the United States is a fait accompli.  No bullets were fired but a new regime is taking power, which is a different proposition than someone coming into office.  New world allies are already aligned; old agreements are nullified; precedents, traditions, protocols, and respect are shattered.

Once in full power, the new regime will have an easy time rounding up its enemies.  The fastest list to assemble will come from all those on Facebook and Twitter who have criticized the rise of the new regime.  Proof of their treason is etched in cyberspace, along with their contact information.  Then friends of those enemies will be added to the list, and so on.  Safeguards will be put in place to watch and limit these threats, neutralizing their poisonous outreach.

Beware.  Keep your eyes lowered and your voice muffled, or you may be targeted as a security risk.

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