Red Theater Curtain


Even though it missed the Golden Globes, ROGUE ONE was a lovely film, full of spirited relationships and sparkling techno special effects.

The movie’s final moments are incredibly sad.  At the end, the bad guys win.  And the good guys decide to hold onto hope, although they will always lose.  This way, the opportunity for a sequel is on-going.

How ridiculous to have hope when they are scripted to lose, again and again and forever.

In other words, the movie is very real.  The transportation and the weapons are only an arm’s reach into the future from our present technology.  The battles are no different than those in the news, now and in the past.  Men – and sorry to say, women too – like to do battle, flexing, trying to control, feeling in charge – and rationalizing it all.

The bad guys believe they are taking actions for humanity and progress.  The good guys think they are fighting for humanity and progress.  The difference between the good and bad guys depends on whose team you happen to like, because everyone thinks, “I’m right and I’m doing what’s necessary.”

Outside the movies, the U.S. asserts its decades of American air strikes in the Middle East are Islam’s fault.  “We had to fight back after 9/11,” the government says.  “They make us hunt and kill their leaders when they commit horrors like public beheadings and terror attacks.”

Middle East extremists blame the U.S. for its terror attacks and killings.  “We must fight back against the U.S. in any way we can.  Since the 1970’s, their government has tried to dominate us and manipulate our elections, bombing communities and military targets from planes and drones in order to control oil availability.”

Throughout history, aggression is always someone else’s fault, i.e., the aggression is only a “defensive” measure.

So, ROGUE ONE is a box office hit because the fighting continues.  We never get tired of the story.

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