Spilt Milk

mp900175436My friend insists we must write our congressional representatives.  “They have to listen to their constituents.  They will want to be re-elected so they have to listen!”  I will write and resist.

But also, I offer the alternate voice, which I hope is wrong:  There is no writing to your congressperson demanding justice, demanding constitutional rights, demanding your voice be heard.   Not any longer.

The new president of the USA has taught Americans how to get what they want.  If they want power, they can invite foreign influence and funds to manipulate elections.  Gaslight, lie, yell, and smile.

On the other hand, as trump demonstrated, winning an election that way is so easy.  Why bother to have elections at all? Merely announce that XYZ has won; refuse to allow the press to say differently; then condemn anyone who disagrees with the outcome.

We will no longer have elections.  They would pose a security risk.  We can have reality shows staged to look like elections on TV, but finally there will be better shows to script.

Those who have taken power want money and pleasure?  Change laws so the people have to pay more taxes, shrink and then eliminate their social security savings, cancel minimum wage, increase oil production on government-owned land and parks, open channels of international tax shelters, relegate women and people of color to servant status again. Voila!

Militants will be allowed to be militant for the spectacle of it all, for a short time.  Then they will be silenced.

The time to have been militant has passed.  It would have been better to have shown up in million-person masses at the debates and the voting booths of 2016, instead of impotently waving signs now.

But ultimately, it would not have mattered if the marches had been 21 January 2016, instead of 21 January 2017, because a few greedy men in a private room lined with naked women decided to take power no matter what.

Great civilizations have generally fallen after 200 years.  The Great American Experiment has had a longer run than that.  We were lucky.  Now, it’s all over but the crying.

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