The First Time

     I grew up in a family that hunted deer, ducks, quail, and rabbits. I learned early how to shoot a rifle and a pistol, and I am still a good shot, though I would never think of owning a gun. I am a vegetarian and pacifist. So, besides the logical arguments against gun ownership, such as shooting myself by accident with or without an aggressor in my home, such as endangering children, such as avoiding the temptation of killing someone in the heat of an insane argument, besides those things, I believe in non-violent solutions.

     With the epidemic of mass murders by Americans, it seems prudent to require people to register for a gun purchase, to demand a background check to prevent felons and emotionally handicapped individuals from buying a gun, and to have a waiting period before someone receives a gun. This certainly does not stop a sane person from owning a gun for any legal purpose. In fact, it ensures that qualified gun owners have their rights preserved, rather than tarnished by crazy killers.mp900315556

     For similar reasons, assault weapons and arms with the sole purpose of military usage are exempt from 2nd amendment protection. My neighbor next door does not need a tank in the driveway.

     However, for the first time in my life as an educated liberal, I can understand needing an AK-47. Under the radical regime which now rules Washington D.C., the possibility of a military junta to change the presidency into a dictatorship is within the imaginable scenarios for the U.S.A.  Americans would fight against that.

     As I understand the 2nd Amendment, it was composed to ensure a national militia could stand up to protect the country against a tyrant who wanted to overthrow the government. Hunting was not the issue at the end of the 18th century.

     I will not buy a gun. I will not become a gun advocate. I will continue to believe that citizens of the United States can protect their constitutional rights through protest, through judicial recourse, and through the strength of human logic.

     But still, just saying, who knows….


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