I had a dream last night.

MP900227784A president traveled to a party held in the middle east, where he lolled in golden splendor with sultans, arranging a deal to sell guns, missiles, and nuclear bombs. The men lounged on low cushions of luxurious fabrics and were draped with scantily clad young women. The sultans gave the president a deposit of 100 million dollars and a gift of a million barrels of crude oil. They enjoyed themselves.

The next day the weapons were delivered to the palace, and the sultans presented the balance of the payment to the president. Everyone smiled. The following week, the sultans held a party of their own, as their pilots dropped nuclear bombs on the president’s home during his daughter’s birthday party, annihilating the eastern half of his country. The sultans clinked glasses of champagne and smiled.

When I awoke, the dream tainted my entire day.

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