Fox Commentator:

Mr. President, do you think your son’s actions with the Russians are treasonous?


Junior was just trying to help his dad. Nothing wrong with that. He used a few of his connections. That’s the American way, right? Not Treason. No treason here.

It’s not like he’s a spy or something. He was just doing what had to be done. Treason’s something foreigners do, people not born here, like Obama. That’s where you should look for treason, at people like him.

Anyway, my son, he’s a good boy, and he didn’t get anything on stupid Hillary the American people didn’t need to know. They should know these things, and he wouldn’t have to call up his friends or whoever if American news reporters would do their job, instead of always putting out fake news.

My boy did nothing compared to what Hillary did. I wouldn’t grab her pussy, she’s so old. Why doesn’t she get some face work done. Then she wouldn’t be so ugly and maybe Clinton would want her. No one wants her. She’s a loser. Tell her to go on a diet. You agree with me, right? She’s the one who betrayed this great country. Let’s put her in jail. Her and Obama both. That’s where they belong. That’s where the treason is. Cover that story. That’s the real story.

Donny didn’t think he was breaking any law. It was no big deal. It was nothing. Besides the law is wrong. Let’s change the law. What’s wrong with getting some help from your friends and allies. We should do that more often. What are friends for if they can’t help you? The Russians are on our side, you know. We all want the same thing.

Fox commentator:

So you don’t agree with people who are saying you’re letting your son take the rap for you in Russia-gate, letting him be the fall guy and scapegoat, sending him down the river to save your own skin?


I understand that Fox’s license is coming up for renewal soon. I bet it’s a bad thing for a t.v. station to lose its license. You better have your facts straight before you say things that might get you in trouble. Just saying.


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